Free Recruitment of Nurses to UK

Free Recruitment of Nurses to UK


BSc, PBBSc, MSC, CBT and NMC in Mental Health
Minimum 1 year of Experience in Mental Health
Trust Paid

  • Certificate of Sponsorship
  • Immigration Skills Charge
  • Flights – the Trust will pay for a one-way flight and not reclaimed
  • Airport transfer – Travel to the UK and your transport from the Airport to the Trust will be booked by Agency and paid for by the Trust
  • Accommodation will be provided by the Trust for the first 8 weeks
    of employment
  • First OSCE exam fee

Advance Payment by Trust

  • Cost of your Health & Care Visa (valid for 3 years in line with
    Certificate of Sponsorship issued)
  • Cost of Compulsory Insurance Cover (Filipino nurses under compliance to the POEA)


  • Cost of one OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate)
  • Cost of one IELTS or OET exam
  • Cost of one CBT exam
  • Cost of one NMC Application Fee
  • Cost of TB Test

IELTS / OET score for NHS Nurses


Reading – 7.0
Speaking -7.0
Listening -7.0
Writing – 6.5
IELTS Overall : 7.0


Reading – B (350 or above)
Speaking – B (350 or above)
Listening – B (350 or above)
Writing – C+ (300 or above)

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The National Health Service (NHS) is the name given to the publicly funded healthcare systems in the United Kingdom. It includes NHS services in England, NHS Scotland, and NHS Wales. In Northern Ireland, healthcare is managed separately but is often referred to as part of the NHS.

These healthcare systems were established in 1948 (NHS Wales was founded later, in 1969) following major social reforms after World War II. The core principles were that healthcare should be comprehensive, available to everyone, and free when you need it, regardless of your ability to pay. Services provided by the NHS are generally free for UK residents, except for dental treatment and optical care. In England, patients may have to pay for prescriptions, although some people, like those over 60 or on certain benefits, are exempt.

The NHS is a significant employer, with around 1.6 million people working across all four services and a combined budget of £136.7 billion. In 2014, the healthcare workforce in the UK was the fifth largest in the world and the largest non-military public organization.

When the NHS buys medications and other consumables, it has considerable market power, which often keeps prices lower globally. Some products are purchased jointly through shared contracts between the services. Other countries may adopt or rely on the UK’s model and assessments when making decisions about their own state-funded healthcare systems and drug reimbursements.

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Free Recruitment of Nurses to UK

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