IELTS on computer: myth vs. truth



The transition of then IELTS exam from paper-based to computer-based testing has stirred discussions about various aspects, leading to some myths and truths:

Myth: Computer-based IELTS is easier than paper-based. Truth: The difficulty level of the exam remains consistent regardless of the format. The computer-based test simply offers a different mode of delivery, but the content and scoring criteria remain the same.

Myth: Computer-based IELTS is more difficult for older test-takers. Truth: While older test-takers may need some time to familiarize themselves with computer interfaces, the actual test content remains the same for all age groups. With practice, older test-takers can adapt to the computer-based format.

Myth: Typing speed affects the score in the Writing section. Truth: IELTS Writing tasks are not about typing speed but rather about language proficiency, coherence, and cohesion. Test-takers are given sufficient time to complete their responses, and typing speed alone does not influence their scores.

Myth: There are fewer test dates available for computer-based IELTS. Truth: Availability of test dates depends on the location and demand. Some test centers may offer more computer-based test dates compared to others, but this can vary. It’s essential to check with your local test center for availability.

Myth: Computer-based IELTS provides instant results. Truth: While results for computer-based IELTS may be available sooner compared to the paper-based version, they are not instant. Results typically become available within 5-7 days after the test date, similar to the paper-based format.

Myth: Computer-based IELTS allows test-takers to skip questions. Truth: Test-takers cannot skip questions in any section of the computer-based IELTS. They must answer all questions within the  time for each section.

Overall, while the transition to computer-based IELTS brings changes in test delivery, the fundamental structure, content, and scoring criteria remain consistent. Test-takers should focus on preparation and familiarize themselves with the computer-based format to perform optimally on the exam.

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