IELTS Speaking Part II Questions : October 2022


1.Talk about a book or novel you have recently read. Please tell me:
Who wrote this
What is it about
Explain if you enjoyed reading it and why.
2.Describe an important building in your hometown or city. You should say:
where is
it seems
what is it for
and explain why you think it is important.
3.Describe a traditional product in your country. You should say:
which is the product
When did you try this product for the first time?
what is it made of
and explain how you feel about it.
4.Describe an important lake/river in your country. Please tell me:
where are you
how big/long is it
it seems
explain why it is important
5.Describe a garden or park that you have enjoyed visiting. You should say:
Where was
what it looked like
what you did (or were doing) there
and explain why you liked it.
6.Describe a special day that cost you little or not much money. You should say:
when was the day
Where did you go
how much you spend
and explain how you feel about the day.
7.Describe a person you know who loves to grow plants (vegetables, fruits, flowers). Please tell me:
who is this person
what they grow
where they grow them
explain why they like to grow plants
8.Describe something (special) that you saved money to buy. You should say:
what it was
how long did it take you to save enough money to buy it
Why did you want to buy this thing?
how did you get (or win) the money
and explain how you felt when (or after) you bought it.
9.Describe your favorite childhood friend. You should say:
Who is he / she
where they met
what they used to do together
and explain what made you like it.
10.Describe a (very) intelligent person you know. You should say:
who is this person
when and where (first) you met them (him or her)
what this person does in life (for example, work/study)
and explain why you think this person is smart.IELTS SPEAKING OCTOBER 2022

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