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Are you looking to take your career to the next level? The UK is brimming with opportunities for skilled professionals across various sectors. AEON Group of Institutions is here to help you make the most of these opportunities with comprehensive support and IELTS and spoken English courses. Here’s a detailed look at some of the high-demand job roles and their potential earnings:

High-Demand Job Roles in the UK

Culinary and Hospitality

  1. Chef

    • Salary: £38,700
    • Description: Bring your culinary skills to the UK and join top-notch restaurants and hotels.
  2. Hotel Manager

    • Salary: £38,700
    • Description: Lead hospitality teams to provide exceptional guest experiences.
  3. Bar Manager

    • Salary: £38,700
    • Description: Manage vibrant bars, ensuring excellent service and customer satisfaction.


  1. Nurse (NMC & CBT)

    • Salary: £36,000 – £50,000
    • Description: Deliver high-quality care in hospitals and healthcare facilities.
  2. Care Workers

    • Salary: £23,200 – £28,000
    • Description: Provide compassionate care to those in need within communities.

Engineering and Construction

  1. Civil Engineer / Site Manager

    • Salary: £38,700 – £50,000
    • Description: Oversee construction projects, ensuring they meet engineering standards.
  2. Construction Workers

    • Salary: £30,960
    • Description: Join the workforce in building and maintaining infrastructure.
  3. Quantity Surveyors (Mechanical & Civil)

    • Salary: £38,700 – £50,000
    • Description: Manage project costs and ensure financial efficiency.
  4. Bricklayers

    • Salary: £30,960
    • Description: Build and repair structures, ensuring durability and aesthetic quality.
  5. Carpenters

    • Salary: £30,960
    • Description: Craft and install wooden structures and fixtures.

Mechanics and Technicians

  1. Welders (MIG/TIG)

    • Salary: £38,700 – £50,000
    • Description: Utilize your welding skills in various industrial applications.
  2. Heavy Mechanics (Bus/HGV)

    • Salary: £38,700 – £50,000
    • Description: Maintain and repair heavy vehicles to keep them in top condition.
  3. Heavy Equipment Mechanic

    • Salary: £38,700 – £50,000
    • Description: Ensure heavy machinery operates smoothly and efficiently.
  4. Car/LGV Mechanics

    • Salary: £38,700 – £50,000
    • Description: Keep light vehicles in peak performance condition.
  5. Lift Technicians

    • Salary: £38,700 – £50,000
    • Description: Install and maintain lift systems for safety and reliability.


  1. Electrician (Commercial & Solar)
    • Salary: £38,700 – £50,000
    • Description: Work on cutting-edge electrical systems in commercial and renewable energy sectors.


  1. Plasters
    • Salary: £30,960
    • Description: Apply your plastering skills to enhance and protect building interiors and exteriors.

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  • Reliable Guidance: Benefit from our extensive experience and connections in the UK job market.

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