Occupational English Test(OET)

Occupational English Test (OET) is an English language proficiency test aimed at healthcare professionals aspiring to study or work abroad.

What is OET ?

OET is an English proficiency test recognized in several countries which include the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Dubai. This test is a venture between Cambridge English Language Assessment and Box Hill Institute and is graded between A-E, A being the highest score. The minimum required grade is a B in each of the sub-tests. These scores obtained are valid for two years.


Occupational English Test(OET)

Skill: All Levels

Knowing English is the need of the hour to get a successful job or travel abroad to study, to obtain a good job the applicants must be able to communicate in English fluently. That includes both verbal and non-verbal communication. With most documents being written in English, it’s also imperative that the applicant can comprehend the data provided with ease. The OET training that we offer at AEON Group of Institutions helps you excel in communication. This, in turn, helps you to engage in smooth, meaningful conversations. AEON Group of Institutions offers some of the best OET coaching in India. We prepare our students so that they can take all the subtests of OET with ease. The sub-tests include – listening, reading, writing and speaking. With the 2-months long course, we make sure that the students improve their English comprehension and communication skills. We also provide additional sessions in case you happen to miss one session.

The OET is for professionals in:
▪️Medicine ▪️Dietetics ▪️Nursing ▪️Optometry ▪️Podiatry ▪️Speech pathology ▪️Dentistry
▪️Nursing ▪️Occupational therapy ▪️Pharmacy ▪️Physiotherapy ▪️Radiography
▪️Veterinary Science
If any professional doesn’t fit for these medical fields, they must undergo a writing and speaking test as per their professional criteria.

This training module is not just for health professionals. The OET coaching we provide also helps those who want to get a better grasp of the English language. During this course, we ensure that each student gets the individual attention they need. Our tutors also ensure that each and every doubts are cleared. We help our students to build their confidence to interact at their workspace with ease.
Students who wish to prepare for an upcoming interview, or want to communicate fluently in this globally acknowledged language, this course is apt for them. We assure full guarantee in making the students well prepared for each of the sub-tests and during the main exam we make sure that they are aware of all the do's and don’ts.

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