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This course, which is the prime need in the field of “Interviews and Resume Writing in English” specialization, guides you to discover the interests, talents and competencies you can use to find and do a job that harnesses your strengths, passions and helps you to discover who you are as a person. So you can start doing the work that matters to you and the world. If you already have a career and are looking for an advanced job, if you are looking to change careers, if you are a beginner in the world of work or if you are returning to the world of work after some time, this course will help you to see your path more clearly and will teach you how to communicate your value to an employer in a way that he or she can immediately recognize you and hire you.



Skill: All Levels

Course Outcome

After completing this course, you will be able to
1) Use your individual cognitive, social, and emotional traits, along with areas of interest & to discover how to find future jobs that can bring you to the atmost comfort and satisfaction.
2) Identify the transferable skills of greatest value to employers who gives you the jobs that most suits to you.
3) Apply a simple strategy to present your skills to an employer in an effective and compelling way.

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