Best movies for ielts listening TOP 3 MOVIES TO IMPROVE IELTS LISTENING

MOVIES TO IMPROVE IELTS LISTENING, Watching movies to improve your English has been a tried-and-tested method. Humans have a very good observation and listening power and movies cover it all. Movie flicks help us familiarize ourselves with multiple words, phrases, sentence formations, etc. While watching a movie, we not only build our vocabulary but also learn the correct pronunciations of words. People can also learn newer proverbs, phrases, idioms, metaphors used in the movies along with the correct context. Another essential part of watching movies are subtitles. These subtitles help us know the correct spellings of words and also help in improving our reading skills. Best movies for ielts listening.


 Originally released in 2013, Frozen tells the story of Elsa, a princess in the fictional land of Arendelle. As a young child, Elsa discovers that she has the power to control ice and snow. Unfortunately, she struggles to control this power, so her parents make Elsa keep her powers secret from everyone, including her younger sister, Anna. Forced to separate at a young age, the two finally reunite on the day Elsa is set to become Queen of Arendelle.

However, a series of unfortunate events cause Elsa to use her powers in front of a large crowd of people (including Anna). The people brand Elsa a monster and force her to flee the castle. When Elsa escapes to the mountains, she inadvertently causes Arendelle to fall into an eternal winter. 

Disney movies have a large number of characters with distinctly different accents. Ssoap2day, Listening to these characters can help in developing new pronunciation styles and get the viewers into the habit of listening without any subtitles. Animated flicks, meant primarily for kids, have a clear and standard language which makes it easier for non-native speakers to pick it up.

Beauty And The Beast

 Beauty and the Beast is a timeless story. It’s a classic example of how we should never judge a book by its cover. This fairytale also has its roots in real-life.It is a story which millions of children continue to learn and love worldwide. Its message is simple yet powerful. If you judge people by their appearance alone, it makes you the ugly one.

 A slow-paced movie filled with various expressions and new ideas, this movie allows viewers to have enough time to process the words and understand its usage in a conversation. This allows them the time to instill it in their vocabulary. A timeless classic, this movie is beneficial for anyone planning to undertake IELTS General/Academic.

Harry Potter Series

One of the best things about using Harry Potter to learn is that it’s immensely popular. That means there are a lot of resources to help you learn outside of the English version of the books.The Harry Potter series is one of the must-watch movies for IELTS listening. British accent can be often confusing and this movie is a prime example to ace it. With characters speaking in strong and crisp British English, this movie familiarizes the viewers with endless phrases and words typical to British English allowing them to know and learn unfamiliar phrases and understand their usage.

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